Market access

It takes a thorough consideration to reach the long-term value in today’s sensitive marketing environment.

We offer a full range of services to identify the key attributes that help our customers to efficiently launch the new product in Slovenia.

Regulatory Affairs

Prising and Reimbursement

“The Pharmaceutical Pricing and Reimbursement systems established by Member States are usually quite complex. Each country uses different schemes and policies, adapted to its own economic and health needs. These national systems are regularly reviewed or adapted in order to take account of political priorities, market evolutions and patients’ needs.” (please see more at ).

Compilation of dossiers and applications to obtain the Maximum Allowed Prices of medicinal products (MAP), Extraordinary permitted higher prices (EHAP) and to obtain the reimbursement by the national insurance funds.


Supply chain logistics – importation, warehousing and distribution.


Strategic Marketing:

  • Development of efficient and tailor-made marketing strategies.
  • Development of pricing/market scenarios and business cases.
  • Expert Promotion.
  • Relationships management with the key opinion leaders.
  • Organisation of awareness programs, workshops and symposia.
  • Literature production aimed at patients, physicians and other healthcare professionals.