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PHA FARMED aspires to become the partner of the first choice
providing the strategy and implementing the consultancy services in the:





Business Development

Investing in Business Development is a critical management decision for the growth in today’s challenging business environment.

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Clinical Trials

Pharmaceutical companies are increasingly outsourcing critical functions to lead clinical trials and develop new …

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Market Access

PHA FARMED supports its partners by market research, pricing and reimbursement, medical marketing and promotion, import, …

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In/Out Licensing

Licensing activities are critical to the growth of company’s pipeline becoming a key to success in today’s marketplace.

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Regulatory Affairs

PHA FARMED’s regulatory experts has extensive multiregional experience in successful product registration with regulatory authorities in EU …

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PHA FARMED can access and bridge the investments/divestments solutions between the customers and investors in the field of Intellectual …

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“Pharmacovigilance is the science and activities relating to the detection, assessment, understanding and prevention of adverse effects or any other medicine-related problem.”

“The purpose of the Medical Device Vigilance System is to improve the protection of health and safety of patients, healthcare professionals, and other users by reducing the likelihood of reoccurrence of incidents related to the use of a medical device.”

“Cosmetovigilance systems are genuine means of obtaining information on the safety of cosmetic products and their ingredients to insure a high level of safety. Cosmetovigilance makes it possible to rule out or control potentially hazardous ingredients and can thus set our minds at ease about the products placed on the market. “

PHA FARMED is your partner to coordinate, operates services and processes to support Pharmacovigilance System – Medical Device Vigilance System – Cosmetovigilance System in the European Union.


Who we are?

We bring into the business the experienced professionals and managing partners who possess the necessary expertise to provide the conditions which are obligatory to accelerate the continuous development and to achieve the added value for our customers.

We are committed to building the long-term and mutually advantageous relationships based on trust, innovation and transparency.

Our capability to be creative, to grasp the opportunities and to successfully develop them is the key of our mutual success and growth.


Why people choose us?

The management experience across a wide range of projects in pharmaceuticals and health care sector on several markets across Europe allows rapid assessment of opportunities.

The cornerstone of our services is focused on supporting the customers who are actively seeking the new business opportunities in Slovenia and European Union and to commonly integrate their strategies.

PHA FARMED is working with a number of reputable international companies who have recognised our business strengths.

Interested in working with PHA FARMED?

If you are seeking an expert support in Slovenia and European Union PHA FARMED’s consultants and managing partners can help you to navigate the whole process from the starch to field deployment.

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